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Criminal Law

Being arrested is one of the most frightening events in a person's life.  Having a lawyer that knows the law and the system can make a big difference in the process and the outcome. 

Most criminal cases are handled in the local county courts where the alleged offenses occurred.  It is important to know where your case will be prosecuted before you begin your search for a lawyer.  I currently practice throughout Middle Tennessee and in Federal Court.  Not all lawyers practice in Federal Court.

If you were arrested and charged, or are being investigated, it is important to contact a lawyer right away.  The sooner you begin to develop a defense strategy the stronger your case will be.

I defend clients vigorously, seeking the best possible outcome for each case.  That outcome may be probation, dismissal of charges, alternative sentencing or acquittal at trial.  Whatever the results clients know my criminal defense took their cases seriously and developed the best strategy for their circumstances.

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